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Stag sign Bangladesh all rounder Muktar Ali

Cricketer and Stag Ambassador Muktar Ali
Stag Ambassador, Bangladesh and Maratha Arabians' Muktar Ali prepares to bowl


New Stag signing…

Muktar Ali signs as a Stag Ambassador

Stag are very pleased and excited to announce that we have signed Muktar Ali the Bangladesh all rounder. Muktar has played ODI cricket for Bangladesh. He has signed to use Stag cricket equipment for 2 years.

Muktar was given glowing references by a former coaching:

“Muktar is the Bangladeshi Ryan Harris”. Referring to the Australian International Ryan Harris. The reason for the quote is that Muktar is capable of bowling at significant pace. He bowls are very hard and heavy ball. This can be very uncomfortable for batters / batsmen to face.

Mutkar is also a hard hitting batsman and none for explosive displays. He hits a high percentage of sixes for balls faced.

The Maratha Arabians signed Muktar to play in the Abu Dhabi T10. The Abu Dhabi T10 starts on 28th January 2021. We wish Muktar the very best of wishes in the Abut Dhabi T10. Go well Muktar!

We also hope to see a few glimpses of the Stag Cricket brand on TV!

Muktar’s ESPN Cricinfo profile can be found at:

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