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Sika Stag Test Wicket Keeping Gloves


  • Our highest-quality wicket keeping gloves.
  • Premium sheepskin leather palm for exceptional comfort and breathability.
  • Soft foam backing provides unrivalled impact protection and shock absorption.
  • Split finger construction with two finger fibre inserts for ultimate protection.
  • Rubber octopus grip to improve control.
  • Unique sealing catching cup to make match-winning catches.
  • Long-cut square cuffs make for a comfortable glove.

Our Test / International Protection Rating is equivalent to the Level 5 protection used in First Class cricket, providing the highest level of protection possible. These gloves are suitable for use by pro / international players in competition.




Ultimate grip, comfort and flexibility for Wicket Keepers

With luxurious construction and innovative and lightweight materials, our Sika Stag Test Wicket Keeping Gloves will help any wicket keeper to improve their performance on the field.

Our Test Wicket Keeping Gloves have been designed to contour your hands comfortably without impairing manoeuvrability, whilst the enhanced rubber octopus grip and uniquely-sealed catching up improve your control on the ball.

The palm is made from premium sheepskin leather for a soft-feel, breathable base. The soft foam padding provides outstanding impact protection and shock absorption, and the additional two-finger plastic inserts ensure you stay protected no matter what.

Square, long-cut padded cuffs create a traditional look and help improve mobility when wearing gloves.

Complete with exceptional comfort and flexibility, discover our pro-quality wicket keeping gloves at affordable prices.

With a Test (Level 5) protection rating, our Sika Stag Test Wicket Keeping Gloves provide the highest level of protection for cricket players, helping boost their confidence on the playing field. These gloves are suitable for use at a pro / international level and perfectly complement your wicket keeping gear.

Available in a range of sizes.

Taking care of your wicket keeping gloves

Make sure your cricket wicket keeping gloves air dry naturally in a warm, dry environment after each use. Avoid leaving them in your cricket bag or cold, wet places to maximise their lifespan.

Additional information

Wicket Keeping Gloves Sizes

B, M, SB, Y


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