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Sika Stag County Batting Pads


  • Premium-quality, long-lasting imported polyurethane (PU) facing.
  • Lightweight and high-performance batting legguard.
  • Extra high-density foam padding with excellent shock absorption and impact dispersion properties.
  • Cane rods for a traditional look.
  • Large side wing with extra high-density foam padding to fully protect your legs.
  • Mesh instep with hard wearing piping for added ankle and lower shin protection.
  • Three-section construction with reinforced kneecap for a highly-flexible batting pad.

Our County Protection Rating is equivalent to a Level 3 protection, suitable for beginners up to an intermediate level, with these county batting pads provide a high level of protection to cricketers.




All-round protection for Batsmen

Our Sika Stag County Batting Pads are an essential part of any batsman’s kit, protecting the shin, knee and lower thigh without impairing movement or performance.

Our county batting pads are made from the highest-quality polyurethane (PU) facing, making it a durable and lightweight pad, whilst the extra high-density foam padding provides a high level of comfort, safety and protection. A large side wing, reinforced with extra high-density foam padding, also provides additional leg protection.

These batting legguards offer excellent shock absorption and help to disperse the ball’s impact, whilst the three-section construction creates maximum playability and freedom of movement when playing thanks to a comfortable instep and shin bolster, split knee and top-hat section, all reinforced with HD foam.

Complete with three adjustable straps, our Sika Stag Batting Pads contour to your leg to create the perfect fit for all cricket players.

With a County protection rating, these Sika Stag Batting Pads provide a high level of protection for cricketers, boosting their confidence on the playing field. These are especially suitable for use at an intermediate level.

Available in a range of sizes.

Taking care of your batting pads

Make sure your cricket pads air dry naturally in a warm and dry environment after each use. Avoid leaving them in your cricket bag or cold, wet places to improve their lifespan.

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