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Sika Stag Abdo Guard


  • A lightweight abdo guard.
  • Durable plastic material for maximum protection and shock absorption.
  • Ergonomic hard cup design.
  • Soft padding around the edges for added comfort.



A much-needed addition to any cricketer’s kit to protect their pelvic region

Our Sika Stag Abdo Guard, also called a box, offers ample protection from blows to the groin area and is an essential part of any cricketer’s equipment, reducing significantly the risk of injury.

Our Abdo Guard is made of durable and lightweight plastic to create a hard cup design that protects your lower abdomen when you need it most. Thanks to its padded edges, our box is comfortable, and players will forget they are wearing it when they step on to the cricket field.

We would recommend using our Sika Stag Abdo Guard during both training and matches to avoid any injury. Suitable for all levels, from beginners to pro players.

Available in boys, youth, junior and men’s sizes.

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Boys, Mens, Youths


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