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Cricket Bat Size Guide

At Stag Cricket, we know that finding the right cricket bat is a necessary step towards enjoying the sport. Choosing the correct size bat is also important in order to support the development of both young and old cricket players. It is essential that the bat is not too heavy or too long for the player, as it could negatively impact their performance.

Stag Cricket produces bat sizes for both junior and adult players to cater for the whole family.

Our junior sizes include: 02,03,04,05, and 06.

Size: 02 Suitable for ages: 6-7 years. Height Range: 4ft 3” – 4ft 6” (129cm-137cm) Bat Length: 27 ¾ inches (68.58cm)

Size: 03 Suitable for ages: 8-9 years.  Height Range: 4ft 6”- 4ft 9” (137cm-144cm) Bat Length: 28 ¾ inches (73.66cm)

Size: 04 Suitable for ages: 9-10 years. Height Range: 4ft 9” – 4ft 11” (144cm-149cm) Bat Length: 29 ¾ inches (76.2cm)

Size: 05 Suitable for ages: 10-11 years. Height Range: 4ft 11” – 5ft 2” (149cm-157cm) Bat Length: 30 ¾ inches (78.74cm)

Size: 06 Suitable for ages: 11-13 years. Height Range: 5ft 2” – 5ft 5” (157cm-165cm) Bat Length: 31 ¾ inches (81.28cm)

Our adult sized bats are currently available in size SH (Short Handle).

Size: SH Suitable for ages: 15+ years. Height Range: 5ft 8” – 6ft 3” (172cm-190cm) Bat Length: 33 inches (83.82cm)

If you are still unsure which size bat would be best suited to you, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to guide you on what we feel would suit your requirements most appropriately.

We offer a range of cricket bat profiles to suit all types of batsmen, browse the full range here.